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Season 3 Episode 4

On this episode of The Robertson Stash, we have Taffy in the house! Taffy is well known for his state of the art glass blowing rollers, Taffy Tubes, as well as his iconic moon design. Matt and Taffy sit down and talk about how Taffy got into glass and some fun science about how it all works. If you’re a glass nerd, this one is for you! 


Season 3 Episode 3

On this episode of The Robertson Stash, we have the powerhouse DFO duo, Coldberger and Sibelley in the house! We go in on their experience at the 2023 Degenerate Flame Off and give a behind-the-scenes perspective of what went into making those days so magical! Nicole and Sibelle reflect on how the competition helped shape them as artists individually and as a team. 

Season 3 Episode 2

On this episode of The Robertson Stash, we have fellow Canadian and stand-up comedian, Jason Rouse! Matt and Jason talk about their Canadian roots, the comedy industry, and share some fun times they’ve had along the way! 

Season 3 Episode 1

On this episode of The Robertson Stash, we are kicking off Season 3 with a banger! We are so happy to bring you guys this exclusive interview with the borosilicate glass goddess, Sibelle Yuksek! Matt and Sibelle chat about her start in the glass industry, recent travel adventures, and share how expanding her reach beyond glass has led to new opportunities as an artist. 

Season 2 Episode 12

On this episode of The Robertson Stash, we have podcast veteran and our good friend, Karma Glass! Matt and Karma chat about the state of the industry, the pieces they have been working on, and so much more! We hope you guys enjoy the last episode of Season 2! We appreciate the love and support along our journey. Can’t wait to see you for Season 3!

Season 2 Episode 11

On this episode of The Robertson Stash, we have a fellow 20-year glass veteran, Big Z Glass! Matt and Z have a conversation about their experience with the ups and downs of the glass industry today and how that variable influences the artistic process. We also give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Matt and Big Z finishing their most recent piece together.

Season 2 Episode 10

Today on The Robertson Stash we have an informative and fun episode all about Whiskey with Distillery Expert, Devin Mills! Devin provides us with an abundance of information on the alcohol industry, the whiskey-making process, and takes Matt and his Cohost Big Z Glass through a guided whiskey tasting. 

Season 2 Episode 9

This week on The Robertson Stash, Matt invites podcast producer XG on for a fun episode all about podcasting! XG Co-Hosts the Tin Foil Hat Podcast and We Don’t Smoke The Same, as well as produces George Perez Stories.

You can find XG on Instagram @xgmarksthespot and his work @tinfoilhatpod, @wedontsmokethesame, and @georgeperezstories on Instagram and YouTube.

Season 2 Episode 8

On today’s episode of The Robertson Stash, we have a super fun episode with the one and only, George Perez! George has been featured on HBO, MTV, Live at The Comedy Store, and on his podcast, George Perez Stories! Matt and George take a trip down memory lane sharing fun stories of their past and talk about what goes into being a stand-up comedian. 

You can find George on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @GeorgePComedy, and his podcast “George Perez Stories” on YouTube @GeorgePerezStories.

Season 2 Episode 7

On today’s episode of The Robertson Stash, Matt host’s longtime borosilicate glass blower, Blitzkriega! We chat about Jakey’s glass origin story, the meaning behind his iconic style, and the state of the industry today.

You can find the work of Blitzkriega on Instagram @blitzkriega and his website

Season 2 Episode 6

This week on The Robertson Stash, Matt hosts professional cannabis grower, Mile High Dave! Dave grows some of the best cannabis we’ve had the pleasure of trying and we cannot wait to showcase his tips and tricks to you guys! 

You can find Mile High Dave on Instagram @milehighdave420. Keep your eyes out for his seed drops, coming soon! 

Season 2 Episode 5


On today’s episode of The Robertson Stash, Matt hosts World Champion Paralympic Snowboarder Mike Minor! If you love extreme sports and tales of triumph, you are not going to want to miss this episode!

You can find Mike Minor on Instagram @gnarlynubby and his new art gallery page @northernlights_ag. 


Season 2 Episode 4

This week on The Robertson Stash, Matt sits down with borosilicate glass artist, Coldberger! Coldberger is known for her iconic 1990’s style and playful color pallets. We chat about her journey as an artist and why the 90’s were the best times! 

You can find Coldberger’s work on Instagram @coldberger and on his website

Season 2 Episode 3


This week on The Robertson Stash, Matt sits down with legendary glass blower, Joe Peters! Matt and Joe talk about scuba diving, Willie Nelson, Joe’s journey as an artist, and so much more!  

You can find Joe Peter’s work on Instagram @joepglass and on his website

Season 2 Episode 2

This week on The Robertson Stash we have independent visual artist, Aaron Brooks! You may be familiar with Aaron’s art if you listen to Subtronics, but there is so much more beneath the surface. Come dive into this killer episode where we talk about challenges as an artist, answer fan questions, and hop into the meaning of it all. 

You can find Aaron Brooks work on his Instagram @abrooksart and purchases his work from various counter-culture online vendors. Watch the episode for more information! 


Season 2 Episode 1


We are thrilled to kick off Season 2 with Denver-based musician, producer, and pillar of the Colorado electronic music scene, Late Night Radio! LNR shares insight into the music industry, discovering his talents, and funny stories along the way. 

You can listen to Late Night Radio on all streaming platforms. You can find more information on music, merch, and tour dates on his instagram @latenightradio and 


Season 2 bonus episode


We have missed you guys!! On today’s episode we have our lovely guest cohost Vincent Gordon joining Matt for an epic charcuterie throw down. We introduce the sponsors for Season 2 and share their amazing products with you guys! We appreciate our sponsors so much and can’t wait for you guys to take a look at all they have to offer. 

Episode 12


On todays episode we have The Mayor of Slab City, The President of The Bad Boyz Club, Heady Culture artist, Danger Visual! We delve into how The Bad Boyz Club began, stories of the crazy trade show days, and meet the man behind the Danger!


You can see the work of Danger Visual on Instagram @dangervisual and on his website

Episode 11


This week on the Robertson Stash, Matt hosts glass blower, fume legend, Gypsy Renaissance Warrior, Dosh! Dosh shares the peace his nomadic lifestyle continues to bring, shares a wealth of knowledge of how the fume process works, and the unique differences in how silver and gold are manipulated under the torch.


You can see the work of Dosh on his website and his Instagram @doshworld !

Episode 10


Today on the Robertson Stash, Matt interviews glass blower, vibe master extraordinaire, Karma Glass! They talk all about Kevins entrance to the glass community, his iconic rainbow designs as we know today, and how important it is to him to remain connected to the collectors that support his art.


You can find Karma Glass on Instagram @karmaglass420 and his website!


Episode 9

Today Matt interviews the founder of Grassroots California, Ryan Connolly! We travel through time reminiscing the birth of Grassroots, transcending into what the company is today. Grassroots is such an inspiring story of how remaining passionate, shifting in the right moments, and having a sense of community in business can take you where you need to be.


You can find Grassroots on their website , on Instagram @grassrootscalifornia , and most likely at your next big music festival! 


Episode 8

On today’s episode of the Robertson Stash, we have glass blower and host of the ‘What’s Up Everybody’ Podcast, Bear Mountain Studios! Evan is so passionate about not only glassblowing, but the art of creating new designs that birth interesting function, and how specific moves in marketing have transformed his art into a successful business. 

You can find Bear Mountain Studios on Instagram @bearmountainstudiosplace orders and watch for drops on his website, and watch the What’s Up Everybody Podcast on YouTube under Bear Mountain Studios !

Episode 7

Today Matt hosts expert grower, hash maker, and Executive Vice President of Harmony Extracts, Jeremy Johnson! Jeremy shares his knowledge on terpenes, the science of bioavailability, sets the record straight on common myths within the cannabis industry, and so much more!

You can find Harmony Extracts on Instagram @harmony_extracts and in dispensaries across Colorado! 

Episode 6

On today’s episode, Matt hosts interdisciplinary sculptor and flame worker, Kim Thomas Zii! They dig into the power of collaboration, Kim’s eclectic unique style, and where all of the inspiration originates from.

If you haven’t already, check out Kim’s work on instagram @iroczii and her website 

Episode 5

On today’s episode, Matt welcomes the one and only, Mrs. Kyle Brooke Robertson! Kyle and Matt reminisce how they met, how pipes have always been a passion, and the memories gathered along the way to their Journey to America!

We would love any feedback on the episode, questions you guys have, or future guests you’d enjoy on the Robertson Stash!


 Episode 4

On todays episode, Matt interviews artist Vincent Gordon! They dive into Vincent’s psychedelic vision he portrays through his art, some of his favorite pieces along the way, and how isolation lead to his evolution as an artist.

See Vincent’s work on Instagram @vincentgordon and his website

Episode 3

On today’s episode, Matt interviews doodle artist, Joe Palec! They dissect the inspiration behind Joe’s piece in the Robertson studio, discuss his style as an artist, and his most recent projects!

Check out Joe’s work if you haven’t already @joepalec on Instagram and his website

Episode 2

Today Matt hosts the owner of Boro Vision, legendary glass photographer Scott Southern! Scott shares how his love of the glass community led to where he is today, some of his favorite experiences along the way, and insight into getting the perfect shot. 

Boro Vision has been photographing Matt Robertson’s work since 2019. You can see all of his images on Instagram @borovision. 

Be sure to check out Scott’s new company, Jay Cases! Jay Cases is the first protection solution designed for everything pocket-sized. Whether it’s a special pendant, carb cap, onie, or even a slurper set, Jay Cases are designed with small in mind. 
Follow @jaycasesofficial on Instagram, and stay tuned for the release! 

Episode 1

An intro to life behind the glass: Matt talks about future endeavors of his creative vision beyond just the glass game, shares nuggets of knowledge he’s learned along the way, and the final 100.  Join us for an exciting journey into the Robertson Stash!

Episode 0


We have been working endlessly to bring The Robertson Stash alive! This is a podcast about life and the pursuit of glass. Matt explore ideas we have all been curious about with fellow artists and industry leaders in all things cannabis counter culture. We invite you to enjoy a little preview of what is to come! As always we appreciate the amazing support from our Zookeepers!


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